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The Instructions To Join Forsage On TRON To Start Earning & Send Me An Email To Claim Bonuses Worth $29

Step 1 – Install TOKEN POCKET On Your Mobile Phone Or Tron Link For Your PC

Token Pocket Wallet = > https://www.tokenpocket.pro/en/download/app (Recommended)

Tron Link Wallet => https://www.tronlink.org/Step 2 – Buy TRON (TRX) & Fund Your Crypto WALLET 
You can buy Ethereum (ETH) and exchange them to Tron (TRX) or buy TRX directly from Binance/Trust Wallet/Moonpay/Luna with your credit card. You can also swap your Ethereum or Bitcoin on SimpleSwap.io to your TRON wallet as well.
Binance => https://www.binance.com 
Trust Wallet => https://trustwallet.com/buy-tron/ 
Moon Pay => https://buy.moonpay.io
Roqqu For Nigerians => https://www.luno.com/
Once you have purchase TRON, transfer them to your Crpyto wallet.
Step 3 – REGISTER FORSAGE FOR ONLY 200 TRX (Around $6 Only)
Copy and paste the Forsage affiliate link given below on your Token Pocket App Browser.


(Forsage Tron ID: 13652)

Confirm id no. 13652 is displayed before you register.
Click AUTOMATIC REGISTRATION, just make sure that you are logged in to your TRONLINK wallet and you have at least 205 TRX to register.  This will automatically direct you to the registration process.
Step 4 – Claim Your Forsage Secret Team Bonuses
Once you have successful signup… 
Email me at


with Subject Line (Forsage Tron Bonuses) 
Give Me The Following Details  
1. Your Full Name  

2. Your forsage id

3. Your affiliate link

4. Your email I’d

We will only add you into our system if you have open a Forsage account with our TEAM by clicking on the link above.  
Everyone who join with my team will be added to the Private TEAM ROTATOR where I will be sending DAILY Traffic to ALL my direct referrals who join me in the Forsage Succes Team.

Upgrade to 8 slots in both X3 & X4 to get access to the Rotator Club where you will receive much more traffic.

Best Regards,
Dharam Singh Anttal

Forsage Success Team

P.S. Please note that TRON WALLET does not work when upgrading the slot. Make sure you use Token Pocket or Tron Link wallet.

Confirm id no. 13652 is displayed before you register.

See results of my Rotator Club here

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